Monday, March 26, 2007

Summer has proclaimed its presence. It is warm in the day time but even warmer at night. For most of us, it means trips to the beach and to a coller place like Baguio or Tagaytay. For some, it is a time to take stock for the coming rainy days. Workshops abound, as well as seminars and conferences.

Here are some professional growth activities I've fished around the web and the blogosphere.

ASLP on Records Mnagement. The conference is aimed at increasing one's awareness on the benefits of a well organized record. Venue is at the El Cielito Inn, Baguio City. Conference will run from April 25 - 27, 2007.

PAARL on Emerging Trends in Library & Information Science. The conference will offer wys to deal with the ever changing landscape of library and information service. Venue is at Covelandia du Labrador, Pangasinan from April 25 - 27, 2007.

PLAI STRLAIC on Continuing Professional Education. Speaker is none other than the formidable, Prof. Cora Nera to talk about the importance of CPE for Librarians. Venue is at the Lyceum of Batangas, Le Cafe, Batangas City.

Among the three, I'm attending the one in Batangas because the invite came the earliest. Other than that, the venue piqued my interest. I love going and staying in coffee shops.

Last week, one of my librarians recieved an invitation from PASL to attend its Summer Conference in Teachers' Camp, Baguio City. It's in collaboration with PLAI and though it heralded veritable names in the field of Technical Services, we all found it very academic-library like. Who would be interested to do indexing and bibliography in a school library when our students in the garde school are emergent and beginning readers? Research is introduced in 7th grade and use of bibliography and indexes are taught in the context of a reading skill.

Perhaps, high school librarains may find it more useful since research is more intensive in the secondary level. Learners at that age and stage are being prepared for college life, thus, librarians in high school are more inclined to make indexes and bibliographies.

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