Monday, March 12, 2007

Librarian Egroups

Ivan Chew, Rambling Librarian from Singapore, opened a new group over at Google. He describes Librarians in Singapore as an informal networking group for librarians living & working in Singapore. He provides these additional notes to the description - But you DON'T have to be Singaporean or even a librarian. Join us if you're interested/ curious about "Libraries and Librarians".

The last two sentences were words of encouragement for me to join and see what it can offer a Filipino Librarain like myself. I belong to several egoups already and online communities, but all are proudly Pinoy made like Pinoy Teachers Network and Von Totanes' Filipino Librarians Egroup at Google.

Ir would be interesting to see how discussions go in each egroup. For one, I can compare how librarians in Singapore and other parts of the world percieve their work and profession. Are they any different from Filipino Librarians in terms of using the Internet for library related work in particular and life, in general? There will be similarities too. Then again, in a global community, differences and similarities matter a little. It is how one conducts himself or herself that spells the difference.

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