Thursday, March 15, 2007

Boys do READ

Studies for the 21st PBBY National Children's Book Day celebration is being routed by Ani Almario, PBBY Secretariat. For this year, we thought of putting into the limelight, the reading habits of boys and that they too read as much as girls do. The father, or any male role model in the family play an important part in modeling the reading habit. Here are samples of the posters. They are so warm and lovely to look at.

I like this one (below) better though. The boy pointing to his father at something in the book arouses my curiosity. I find it more intimate, really. The boy is also at a more "active" role. The colors are brighter and though going fishing is universal, there is a "Pinoyness" in the rendering of the drawings.

Thanks to Nolo Silayan of Alitaptap for suggetsing this year's theme. Boys do read. It's about time that literacy advocates break the gender divide on reading.

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