Saturday, September 9, 2006

Plus and Minus

I rarely have the time to jazz up my blogs now that I'm into a lot of things. When I started blogging in April 2005 (SLIA), I want to create information, communicate it and raise revenues in the process. A year and a half after, I've done the two and continously so. But the third is still to be accomplished.

It doesn't help that my PC at home is near extinction. Gah.

So, taking the time this morning as a chance to update SLIA, I did all that I can for the time being. I registered in Frappr, Performancing and Text Ad Links. Arnold Zafra earned his firts pay check last month form text Ad Links. I'm struggling how to create the XML file. Arnold, if you happen to pass by, lend a hand will you? Please.

I also "centralized" (wow, I'm actually using the term! Is this a sign?) all my links in the right frame of the blog so that, all the accessories are in the left frame. Some organization, huh?!

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