Friday, September 29, 2006

Conference on Information Literacy & Other Good News

I will forever be thankful to Von Totanes for putting up Filipino Librarian, the egroup over at Google. I get very good news and updates there on the profession. Aside from contacts, new friends for networking, linkages and sourcing out, the egroup is a support group for librarians as well.

When I learned that PLAI-STRLC conducted a conference on Information Literacy (IL)last September 25, 2006, I was piqued with curiosity and excitement. Though I wished I had known it earlier. I would have asked for an invite. I want to see and learn from colleaguse the practice of IL in their respective institutions. One should never rest on earned laurels, nor stay high in the ivory tower.

Imagine my delight to learn from Rene Manlangit this bit of good news -

We will be uploading Ma'am Cora Nera's and Ma'am Vilma Anday's papers in the STRL blog shortly ( and other papers of collegues that presented their own experiences of IL in their institution.

PLAI STRLC is taking leadership steps towards IL and blogging!

Ms. Nera also mentioned that the STRLC conference was the 1st formal conference on IL in the Philippines.

And then, he made mention of Lilian Rabino, a colleague from Lipa -

I am happy to inform you that Ms Lilian Rabino of DLS Lipa was one of the speaker and she presented a good IL practice in DLS Lipa which according to her was inspired by your comments/suggestions during your accreditation visit sometime in 2004 of her library.

Such good and comforting news after a hard struggle with typhoon Milenyo.

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