Monday, September 4, 2006

NCBD, Book Awards Season & The Manila Intl. Book Fair 2006

I would like to think that the campaign-for-a-reading-culture season begins in July. With the advent of National Children's Book Day, moving on to Buwan ng Wika and ending with the Manila International Book Fair. Busy months for all concerned with books, reading, publishing, writing, teaching and learning. Here are snapshots from the Adarna hosted book fair we had last July. It is in line with the NCBD, of course.

Ms. Acosta with a Xaverian

Jomike showed his expertise in art and math to the wonder and the delight of our boys!

Jane, Jomike and Me. Did you know that Jomike went to Xavier till he was 6 years old?

Luminous! Glow in the dark!

A book that boys can mutilate. Seriously, it's a pop-up book that boys can independently make.

Becky Bravo's Cat Painter. The best story she has done so far. In my opinion, that is.

Robert Magnuson scores another big point on this one! Home is where the heart is.

Book Awards

Now here is a rundown of books awarded this year (2006).

Gintong Aklat - 100 Questions Filipino Kids Ask - Grand Winner; Elias and His Tress, Polliwog's Wiggle & Rosamistica, Finalists.

National Book Awards - Best Reference Book - 100 Questions Filipino Kids Ask; Best Children's Books - The Yellow Paper Clip with Bright Purple Spots. Grandslam win by Adarna House! Congratulations! Still the publishing company to beat when it comes to children's book publishing.

As for the Palanca 2006 winners of the Children's Story category, I'm still sourcing out the links. But rest assured that I will be posting them in SLIA.

Book Fair
If not for the book launchings and talks and seminars, the book fair was anything but exciting. Titles were not that all interesting and sales of old books were in abundance. I didn't visit the local publishing houses though. I met familiar faces, touched base with old friends and made new ones. The industry is alive, but not thriving. Well, there is still next year to look forward to.

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