Friday, August 11, 2006

Tech Savy Librarians

Technology is but a tool, a means to an end. It is the role of librarians to direct and provide meaning to its effective utility, particularly in teaching and instruction, so that learning objectives are achieved. It is not enough that librarians offer access to information and technology, but to be LEADERS in implementing and integrating technology in the classroom. Most often, this idea is not recognized by computer/tech people. Librarians would always tell each other stories from their respective libraries (in the academe, in the school and in the corporate community) how they encounter colleagues who, instead of supporting them, does otherwise.

What concerns me more are librarians who accept and stay in their comfort zones - selection, acquisition, cataloging. Not that these are unimportant library services and functions, but there is competition out there. The challenge for most librarians rest on the upgrading of skills and the flexibility in adapting to changing paradigms.

The evolution does not have to be dramatic or swift. It is like planting tress and raising children. One has to keep the faith to stay alive.

I'm posting this "Manah-Manah" video from Sesame Street. It is a classic! May it remind us all that, to make a difference, one has to risk being different.

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