Thursday, August 10, 2006

Assertive Librarian

In Philippine culture, being assertive is taken as a negative quality thus, in most Filipino families and communities, an outspoken and opinionated Filipino child or person is labelled as a rebel, a subversive.

I am Filipino and I am assertive. Does that make me a rebel? A subversive? Go do the logic.

My post last August 4, 2006 unfortunately ruffled some feathers the wrong way. I had explained to the concerned person the context and the schema from where I drew the content of the post. To some, it is, perhaps, unusual to find a (Filipino) librarian (working in the Philippines) to be bold and aggressive; to be outspoken and passionate; to assert one's relevance to the achievement of an institution's vision, mission and goals; to disagree and negate people who run the institution. To a few, perhaps, an assertive librarian is an asset.

I apologized for the action if it came across as too abrasive. And now I am making my apology public. But I wil not delete the post because if I do, I will lose my own slef respect. I stand by it and take responsibility for its consequences.

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