Thursday, May 4, 2006

SLIA Logo by Elbert Or

I am well aware that I owe my readers two more posts; a book review for Yan Ang Pinay Series and recommended reads on eco-environment books for kids. My apologies for breaking a promise to post by April's end. My schedule at work is so erratic. I am undergoing a shift in career. Nothing drastic. I am still a school librarian.

For those who are awaiting my promised book reviews, do not worry. I will fulfill it. For now, I am so happy to share with you two wonderful logos done by the imaginative and the irrepressible, Elbert Or.

lib_logo_02 lib_logo_01

Either of these will decorate SLIA. I still have to decide as I like them both!

Now you may ask, who is Elbert Or? Visit his blog by clicking his highlighted name.

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