Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blogging 101

I am posting this in verbatim. I got the information from LM_NET, one of my egroups on libraries and information science. I found the hits very helpful for bloggers and blograrians (big or small, novice or advanced). Scroll down and read familiar names.

I actually received more requests for a Hit than I received Hits.
That said, the ones I received had some good information. Many
thanks for sharing. Here's the list. . . .

Ronda Y. Foust
School Media Librarian in Training, UTK
Oak Ridge, TN

Blogging 101 as Shared by LM_Netters - www.blogger.com
Blogger.com is very easy, and should get you started right away.
From: Dawn Stellmann

Blogger.com is really easy to use. Just pick your template and start
writing. There is also a "tour" you can take before you start.
From: Kimberly Titus

Von Totanes, the owner of the blog did a very comprehensive Blogging
101 during the CONSAL. He has the full paper in his blog. You may
also want to personally contact him via the Cc. From: Zarah Gagatiga

(Note: The full text version of this talk is available at:
librariansfull-text.html -- Ronda)

Try my blog that I made for a presentation. It has links about lots
of blogging issues and how to's. From: Paula Joseph
(Note: If you scroll down, there is a section entitled Blog
Considerations that includes a teacher’s guide to blogs, teens guide
to safe blogging, and more. -- Ronda)

From: Alice Yucht
(Note: Scroll on down. Numbered sections detail Getting Started
with Bloglines, Some Basic Definitions, and a whole lote more. – Ronda)

I'd go with edublog http://edublogs.org/ They are using WordPress
which is easy to learn your way around in AND there is a great amount
of support. Free, no ads, not blocked anywhere I know of (yet). WP
has the best rated spam protection - my site blocks about 100 a week;
I get one or two a month held for authorizing first. No problems with
legit comments. If you later want to move to your own server or
domain, WP exports the data and imports it very easily. From:
Robert Eiffert

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