Friday, January 13, 2006

User Centered Information System Design

I will be reporting on User Centered Information Systems Design on Saturday. To start with, I have the following objectives and presentation plans.

LIS 267- Class Reporting / January 14, 2006

Topic: User Centered Information System Design

Coverage: This report looks into the user centered approach as a paradigm for designing information systems. It focuses on the background of User Centered Information System Design (ISD); the components that make up a User Centered ISD and the relationship of these components in a User Centered ISD. This will be followed by the different information needs of users namely, the cognitive model, the social model and the organizational model, and how these affect the interaction of users to an information system. The remaining topics on design directions, and implications of expressed information needs on information systems will be taken up afterwards.

1. To be cognizant of the User Centered approach to information systems design;
2. To develop an awareness of the components that make up a User Centered ISD;
3. To understand the models of information needs, its relevance and how these models affect a user’s interaction with an information system.

Report Outline
I. Part 1 – User Centered Information System Design
A. Background
1. Nahl (2005)
2. Katz-Haas (1998)
3. Bryce (1996)
B. Components of a User Centered ISD
1. Needs Analysis
2. Task Analysis
3. Resource Analysis
4. User Models
5. Design for Usability (includes testing for usability)
C. User Centered Design : A Process

 Break / Activity (?) 

II. Part 2 – Models of Information Needs of Users
A. Individual and Social Variables
B. The Cognitive Model
C. The Social Model
D. The Organizational Model

Allen, Bryce. Information tasks : toward a user-centered approach to information
systems. US : Lightning Source, 1996
The New Paradigm Establishes Itself
User Centered Design

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