Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blogs as Resource Tools

Since I have begun going back to garduate school this semester, I have set up another blog for my LIS 261 class under Dean Faderon of the Institute of Library and Information Science, in UP Diliman. This blog is my online learning portfolio, one of the many requirements of the course.

I keep notes and write my daily reflections in a notebook, but blogs fascinate me so much. For one thing, I know I have information to share and I want it available online for easy access. Blogger has not dissappointed me yet. Second, I depend so much on the Internet these days that I keep my links for the course in that blog. And lastly, I am experimenting on the potential of blogging as a personal resource tool.

I have always thought that this medium, a blog, is a means to communicate. I still have to see how far it will get me in organizing my web resources. The XS GS LRC blog that I created last year is a collaborative blog for the purpose of current awareness services (CAS) and specific dissemination of information (SDI). It has not taken flight yet. There are factors that impede its latency. In general, technology is not just about gadgets. The human component plays a great part on its success or failure.

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