Monday, January 2, 2006

Best of SLIA 2005 : Posts & Entries

I've categorized the posts and entries I wrote last year in five divisions. These are Philippine Librarianship, Technology and IT Integration, Reading & Literacy Advocay, Events & Book Reviews and Information Literacy. The entries very well describe the route that this blog has taken and what will its direction be in 2006. Honestly, I have not seriously thought about it yet. Although a redesign is in the works, I still have to evaluate my content.

Drop me a comment. I appreciate feedback.

Philippine School Librarianship
Proud to be Librarian
Orientation Thoughts
Helping Out
Schools of Thought
Shy Librarians
Why Libraries? Why Not
As a Children's and YA Librarian
Bags of Books
Librarians are Missing Ingredient

Technology and IT Integration
IT Integration
Tech BYtes
Teens & Tech
Online Newspapers
Website Evaluation Criteria
Basic or Beyond
Web Resources for Teachers & Parents

Reading & Literacy Advocacy
Time to Read
Author Visit Program
International Literacy Week
Graphic Novels
Going Graphic
Filipiniana for Children: The Special & Handicapped

Events and Book Reviews
NCBD 2005
Books I own and Love
26th Manila International Bookfair
Filipino Writer.Com
Zara's Zoo
Salanga 2006
Christmas Reading List
Para sa Pinoy na Mabook

Information Literacy
More Insights
Role of Librarian

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