Monday, December 12, 2005

Zara's Zoo : A Picture Book

Working in a school library offers a lot of perks. One of these would be the privilege to read books for acquisition first hand. I'm very good friends with our acquisition librarian and our cataloger too, so my frequent trips to our technical section often lead me to "book talks" with them. And eventually, since I do the PR work, I get to read the books that the library will be releasing for circulation.

The relationship is symbiotic. My involvement with the PBBY and KUTING works to an advantage. Our school library gets to know the current crop of Philippine Literature for children available in the market. Since NCBD is a long seven months away, I recommend foreign titles instead. I've echoed the availability of Funke's Ink Spell and the 12th book in the Series of Unfortunate Events to my colleagues. It will only take a few weeks before we buy it.

I'm preparing a list to recommend for next school year's acquisition and I will include Augie Rivera's gift.


For obvious reasons you may think, but as the old saying goes, do not judge the book by its title, er, cover. Written and illustrated by Irene Sibley, Zara's Zoo is a picture book for readers age 3 to 93. The strength of the book is anchored on the concept of an abcedaria of fantastic animals thriving in Zara's zoo. The zoo is in a place so wonderful that even the reader can easily visit. That is, if you're imagination is that of a child. If realism has not pinned you to the ground yet, you'll be able to suspend your disbelief and wonder as Zara wanders at the make believe animals she takes care of.

The illustration provides legs to this simple but delightful book. To the child reader, it is a book meant to be enjoyed. To the adult reader like you and me, the book is an invitation to relive that child-like sensibility we've lost somehow while growing up.


Sibley, Irena. Zara's Zoo. Melbourne : Lothian Books, 2001

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It sounds like a great book, I'll see if our library has it for my kids. Thanks!

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