Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Best of SLIA 2005 : SERIES

2005 is about to close and I can't help but remember the year I begun blogging about school librarianship. I am very sentimental so I'm going to do a recap of "best posts" for the year 2005 for the next few days. It is dual in purpose, of course. The posts I've culled together are the ones that have relevance to school librraianship. These are the kind of posts that I would want to keep for future references. And boy, I have been productive!

Let me start with the 'series' post. These are post in three - parts that I wrote from May until September of 2005, except for Yan Ang Pinay Series which I plan to do it on a regular basis. Read on and do not refuse the invittaion ot go down memory lane. When we remember events and people in our lives, somehow, we see a better picture or a new perspective to life. Enjoy!

Series Posts

Promotions & Marketing STrategies for School Librraies
Bridging Gaps
Buidling Bridges
Bridge Under Construction

IASL Conference
Blogging in HKU
IASL Conference 2005
IASL Conference 2005 A Continuation
Echoes From Hong Kongm

Useless Issue
Useless Librarians
Useless Again
Schools of Thought

IMAGE of Librarians
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Book & Library Month
Parents' Role Part 1
Reading Culture Part 2
Genuine Love for Books & Reading Part 3

YAP Series
Filipina in Children's Literature
Buhok ni Lola
Uuwi na ang Nanay kong si Darna
Rosang Taba

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