Monday, December 26, 2005

Book Review Blog for the Reading Filipino

There are plenty of interesting and worthwhile discoveries I make every so often in the Internet and the blogosphere. I came across this impressive blog for the reading Filipino. This blog is a book review blog aptly named as Pinoy Book Reviews Para sa Pinoy na Ma-book . Then again, it is more than a blog. It is a "local-based electronic magazine dedicated to Filipino book lovers. The site provides reviews, commentaries and feature articles about local and foreign books, magazines and graphic novels".

It has very noble objectives focused on "building a connection between local authors and readers; encouraging readers to voice out their opinions on the books they've read; and establishing a stable online community for Filipino book lovers and readers".

Pinoy Book Reviews also offers plenty of links for the reading Pinoy. I was glad to find KUTING's old website there and websites of Adarna Books and Anvil Publishing. There is also a space for bookstores with websites. NBS, Goodwill, Fully Booked are just a few of the Philippine based bookstores linked in the site.

What is the relevance of this blog/e-zine to Filipino Librarians then? For one, librarians can check the site for current news on book launchings and books available in the market. It is another
source of information for book acquisition that presents Filipiniana materials as well. Second, the book reviews featured every issue undergo editing so librarians can actually disseminate and share this with their clients and users. Third, as librarians are involved in the "book business", they might as well contribute to the blog or e-zine by sending a list of books with reviews or anotations. For this purpose, I encourage you to check its FAQ and contribution guidelines.

I can say that the people behind Pinoy Book Reviews are friendly to librarians. Aside from yours truly Filipino Librarian is also linked in the site.

With the Internet and blogging technology, people from different disciplines can collaborate and work together.

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