Sunday, May 1, 2005

IASL and Literaturang Tskiting

I've added two links here - IASL and Literaturang Tsikiting.

I am often hounded by questions and clamor for Filipino stories from teachers. And while there exist in the Philippines, a steady stream of books for children being published every year, there is a great need to promote it. The site is actually about Philippine Literature as managed by Ian Casocot. Every month, it features a collection of stories, poetry and essays written by Filipino writers. It was Astrid Tobias, KUTINGpresident, who edited the issue that focused on the works of writers of children's literature. She has selected the works of the best writers in Philippine Children's Literature today. I'm proud to say that most of these writers have visited Xavier School via our AUTHOR VISIT project.

Mae Tobias-Papa, also an award wining writer, did a wonderful job at the design. She is both a KUTING and INK member.

IASL on the other hand is for school librarians. It is a rich source of information for school librarians world wide. There will be a conference in Honkong this July. Carol Kuhlthau, who did a seminal research on Iformation Seeking Strategies, will be there for a workshop.

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