Friday, May 13, 2005

Bridge Under Construction

To continue...

6. Have a teacher talk about his/her favorite book, movie or play.
Invite a teacher who can give a book talk. Schedule this in such a way that both students and guest teacher are available. Choose from different departments. English teachers are not the only ones who read. For children to meet teachers endorsing and talking about their favorite book is a big deal particularly in the primary grades. Also encourage other kind of print materials to showcase like graphic novels, comic books, magazines, etc.

7. Set up a BLOG for the library geared to attracting more readers to learn and use the library.
BLOG your library. It's easier than constructing a website.

8. Highlight a review done by students, teachers or parents.
Avid readers usually have a thing or two to tell you about the book they have read or borrowed. Solicit their views and publish them for others to read. It attracts interest and public opinion. This way, the school library indirectly builds a READING CULTURE for the community.

9. Cook up book showers and book fairs.
A staple for all school libraries and a wonderful way to build the collection. An annual fair or shower is ideal since months of preparation is needed for such endeavors. Involve the whole library staff and other departments. Invite school administrators to open the fair or cut ribbons for exhibits and showers. Look for sponsors for support should logistics be a problem.

10. Be a model.
Need I say more?

These tips are achievable and realistic. Today's school library must be concerned with students' learning. Students are, after all, the school library's primary clients. But to impact student learning and/or achievement, the school librarian should reach in and reach out.

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