Friday, May 6, 2005

Going Global

Xavier School was very fortunate today to have had Dr. Josette T. Biyo , multi- awarded teacher and science research culture advocate. It is not everyday that the faculty and staff would get the chance to listen to a luminary in the field of education and scientific research to talk about life, dreams and making a difference given the bleak situation of the country today. Indeed, Dr. Biyo's stories, her own and her students, are an inspiration to those who were present.

It is an issue of choice and knowing one's self that would set the human spirit rise above the difficulties that one enocunters in a lifetime. Dr. Biyo had her own struggles but her positive attitude and resourcefulness sees her through. She is a true scientist and a classic example of a life long learner. Having mentored students who compete in local, national and international science fairs, Dr. Biyo is a global teacher. She knows her roots as well as the changing environment of her country. This makes her contribution to the global arena stand out. It is no wonder that MIT named a planet after her when she presented a paper in the INTEL Science Fair in 2002.

In a smaller venue, she had a talk among Xavier Science teachers. She gives importance to mentoring, teaching the reseach process in an unhurried fashion, one that guides students to the whole process so they may enjoy and learn from it as well. Her passion for reading and an intelligent utility of library tools and resources is worthy of emulation.

After presenting the examples of research proposals done by her 2nd year high school students, I realized how ambitious our Information Literacy Skills Program is in Xavier Grade School. This encounter further inspires me to look into revising the existing program. To do this would be a struggle. Then again, doing nothing at all will never take us to the stars or the planets we dream to conquer.

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