Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Recommended LGBTQIA+ Books for Kids

Sirena Ba Yan? 
Is That A Mermaid?
By Candy Gourlay
Illustrated by Francesca Chessa
Billungual Edition
Adarna House, 2019

Sirena Ba 'Yan? (Is That A Mermaid?)is Candy Gourlay's new picture book. It is about a dugong (sea cow) claiming itself as a mermaid to the chagrin of two kids who met this gentle sea creature by the shore. Together they go on an adventure with the dugong consistently keeping its claim, I am a mermaid!

Kuwento ni Bernadette Villanueva Neri
Guhit ni CJ da Silva

A child comes face to face with the reality of living with parents who are both women. Using the chrysanthemum and gardening as allusion to the care and love that this unique family arrangement offers the little girl, she accepts this openly despite the teasing and the stigma of society.

By Rhandee Garlitos
Illustrations by Tokwa Salazar Penaflorida
Chikiting Books, 2013

A young boy examines his likes, dislikes and choices. Eventually, he realises what he is and becomes proud of this newfound identity.

Dead Balagtas Tomo 1 Sayaw ng Mga Dagat at Lupa
By Emiliana Kampilan
Anino, 2018

One good thing I can say about Dead Balagtas is its timely message on relationships. Love wins. It’s about time readers, young and old like me, get to read and see more LGBT represented in Philippine literature.

Written by Segundo Matias, Jr.
Illustrated by Jason Moss
Published by Lampara Publishing House, Inc.

Uncle Sam was chosen as a book in the Top 9 Kids Choice because of its insight on the LGBT community through a child's eyes whilst still keeping with a colorful theme and a plot that is sure to make multiple readers love the book. As well as that, the book brings along a story that makes young people who feel as if they are different, feel more at home. Plus, it's in both English and Tagalog. 

Citation Prepared by Alon Luna Fabros

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