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Filipino Librarian of the Month: Arvin Delen of the DepED Oriental Mindoro

Arvin Delen holding a copy of A Tale of Two Dreams
The blog's Filipino Librarian of the month is Mr. Arvin Delen.

Mr. Delen is 27 years old from Leuteboro II, Socorro, Oriental Mindoro. He finished elementary education at Leuteboro Elementary School in 2003 and secondary school at Leuteboro National High School in 2007. He graduated from the Philippine Normal University (PNU) Manila as scholar (Trinidad M. Albarracin Scholarship) with the degree of Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) last March 21, 2012. He took Librarian Licensure Examination last November 3-4, 2012 and Licensure Examination for Teacher last September 25, 2016. His first job was in Don Bosco Technical College as High School Librarian for almost a year.

He met a vehicular accident in  2013 thus, he stayed at home for almost 2 years. Once fully recuperated, he applied to the DepEd Division of Oriental Mindoro as Librarian II, where he is serving as Division Librarian up to the present.

1. As a Division Librarian in the DepEd, enlighten us on the nature of your work and community involvement in Oriental Mindoro. 

As Division Librarian, one of my tasks is to manage, maintain and monitor uploaded catalogue of materials in the LRMDS Portal. The LRMDS Portal is a web based catalogue and repository of learning, teaching and professional development resources. It functions as a clearinghouse. That is, it provides information about the location of resources (hardcopy and soft copy) and allows users of the system to access directly digitized versions of resources that are published and stored within the LR Portal repository. But, this portal is still in the process of upgrading the system and as Librarian, I only provide technical assistance and identify the needs of the division Library Hubs and Learning Resource Centers.

2. What has been the most challenging experience you had, so far? How did you overcome the challenge? 

The most challenging experience I had was my accident last June 6, 2013. I overcome the challenge by praying and believing that everything happens for a reason and (that) I can survive.

When it comes to my job right now, the most challenging part was the acceptance of the culture shock I experienced during my first year in working here in DepEd. I overcome this by simply being me and to get along with everyone. And also, being happy and loving my work. I pray always.

With Arvin Delen (L) and Karol Manalaysay (R), Alice Panares and Bernadette Solina-Wolf
Standing are public teachers of Oriental Mindoro 

3. As a Division Librarian, how are you helping the Indigenous Peoples (IP) in Mindoro? 

As a division Librarian, I am helping our IPs here in Mindoro by visiting and knowing their needs when it comes to reading materials. It is very challenging for me because sometimes there is no allotted budget for them for their reading materials. I have to be very versatile and ask for help from other stakeholders and other institutions which can give support for them.

4. Why Library and Information Science (LIS)? 

Library and Information Science for me is a God’s will. It is His profession for me. This profession helped me to flourish as an individual. It is very important because libraries provide scientific services and fullfil social needs. It is essential in our society because human skills can be developed without any formalized training for some. Moreover, LIS is vitally important for development. Therefore, librarians, libraries, and library associations, as well as information systems, all play a role in fostering creativity, innovation, and dealing with people's needs and expectations.

Thank you and God bless!!! ☺

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