Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Update on Book Project: Ino the Invincible

When I was still a librarian in Xavier School, I was inspired to write about boys and basketball. There was a group of grade 7 boys who were always in the library, hanging out, reading and borrowing the newest titles that the Grade School Learning Resource Center offered. They were a smart and frisky bunch. As their grade level librarian, I get invited to their games, activities and programs. These boys inspired me to write a short story about friendship, sportsmanship and growing up.

Here is the book cover of Ino the Invincible

Lampara House is once again publishing this story, Ino the Invincible. This is a book project in collaboration with visual artist, Jonathan Ranola. While making the studies of the book's illustrations, Jonathan told me he has a cousin who went to Xavier School who happened to be a former student. Small world!

Boys and Basketball

Ino the Invincible is for my boy, Nico, Xaverian and now an ISKO, and for the GS batch of 2003 who were so open to learning new things! The book is also my homage to Inigo of Loyola. We hope to have this book launched in September of this year in time for the Manila International Book Fair.

What is your description of the perfect student? Is it someone like Ino?

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