Monday, November 21, 2016

At the Academy Last Week: Poetry and Christmas Reading Passport 2016

Last week at the Academy, we launched the annual Christmas Reading Passport. This reading campaign began three years ago. It has evolved into a program that address reading needs and interests of students. I have also included an aspect of Bibliotherapy by including reflection questions.

Here are posts about the Christmas Reading Passport from previous years:

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Here's how the Christmas Reading Passport works:

1. Students get a reading passport.

2. The reading passport is designed to encourage students to read four books on the themes of hope, peace, joy and love. There are four questions to be answered, one for each book. This way, students are guided on their book choices. Recommended reads, a list of books about the themes are sent out via email lists to everyone.

3. The passport and the books are taken home over the long holiday break.

4. Students come back after the break with the passports filled out. They submit this to the library staff.

5. They get a token from the library.
 As the grade 9s have started a unit on Poetry in English class, I have put on display books on poetry. Inspired by current events, I picked up some books and stacked them together for a book spine poem I shared with the community.

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