Sunday, February 21, 2016

Trekking Down the Ravine and Up the Stream

Are we still in Cavite?
In the first week of February, we had Alternative Class Days (ACD) in school. It was two days of class activities and sessions that didn't follow the required course work or curricular offering.

It was fun! We learned lots!

There were ten ACD sessions and I joined the Recreation and Leisure session moderated by Coach Andrew Mavrides. Day 1 was a walking for fitness activity. We walked up Westgrove and down to Nuvali. Well, we rode in a van going to Nuvali upon reaching the gates at Westgrove. The walk was more than a 5K walk up hill and down hill in Westgrove. In Nuvali, we rode the boat and went biking. The picnic ground is an ideal place for children to run around and for families to spread a blanket under a tree. It was a well planned commercial area where strolling and "mall-ing" can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Day 2 of ACD, as far as our session was concerned, was the more exciting one. We had barbecue at the backyard and we went down the stream.

Our campus sits on top of a hill. On good days, I would walk to the pool side and sit there looking at the clouds and the ridge on the west. Farther is Laguna Bay and the shadows of the Sierra Madre, an outline, can be seen from there. The view is beautiful! But, in all my five years in The Beacon Academy, I have not been down the stream. This water way that cuts through Silang, Cavite and out to Manila Bay is a place worth knowing.

With Guard Danilo and Teacher Motie

I have been to Sumag-ing cave in Sagada. I have crossed the sea that separates Alan, Northern Samar going to Capul Island. I don't know how to swim but I have snorkeled in the shores of Balicasag and Panglao, Bohol. So, what's a trek down the ravine and up stream in Silang, Cavite?

It was far from taking a stroll in the park!

The terrain was rough. Going down a steep path and going back up made me stop and catch my breath. It was a 70 degrees incline. Our guides, Mang Boy, our school utility man and Coach George, our life guard, knew the landscape well. Coach Andrew, our PE teacher has been down the ravine several times as well as our school guards and crew. What made me doubt myself was the water. The current was strong. The water was cool. It greeted us like a friend in shallow parts and it bullied us in areas where it was chest deep. The land was a mix of sand, red brown earth and pebbles.

The water was cool but it was not a gurgling stream!
The rocks and boulders that flanked both sides of the shore seem to breath. The trees and foliage that surround it seem to have eyes that look and stare upon us. The bugs and insects that flew and swam around us were a naturalists' dream encounter. Coach George found a turtle and we brought it up with us in the school for observation. Pancake the turtle, as baptized by one of our students, is currently being tended upon but he will be brought back to the stream soon.

Our science and PE teachers frequent going down the stream especially when the weather is benevolent. I suppose they are trying to know the land for integrated classes in the future. As for me, once is enough. But, I would recommend any new teacher from the Academy to take the adventure on days when the sky is clear and the weather portends good signs for trekking. I would tell them, to go down the ravine. Know the land. Wade in the water. Swim in parts were the water is chest deep and be brave going against the current. It is both frightening and fun! Just be sure you are with friends and guides whom you can trust.

That's how it has been with me working in the Academy for five years now and counting.

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