Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ang Tunay na Love Team na Tunay na Book Lovers Part 2

Narito na ang ikalawang bahagi ng interview nina Cris at Galvin Ngo, ang husband and wife team na may pakana ng Give Your Books A Second Chance: A Book Drive for a Cause.

What makes Give Your Books A Second Chance different from last year’s campaign?

Cris: Last year’s That Thing Called Reading was more of a simple mixer activity. We just wanted people to share about their favorite books.

This year, we thought about the spirit behind IBGD. Since it’s about sharing the love for reading through book giving, having a book drive seemed like the most appropriate idea. We've realized that we have to go beyond our partnership (the 2 of us) if we want to reach a wider reading community. This is the reason why we tapped different groups like Bookbed, poets, musicians and Tweedle Book Cafe. We hope that this starts bringing in more readers together to form a community.

Galvin: Last year was a trial for us. We wanted to try to bring together book lovers, so we just hosted a simple blind book dating activity in Habi Education Lab’s Open Love Event. It was fun so we thought of making it an annual thing.

While planning for what to do this year, and in line with using famous romantic movies as a theme, we came across A Second Chance...and I guess that was the inspiration. Since this also a celebration of international book giving day, it fit quite well!

This year we are lucky to have met new partners!-namely, Bookbed and Tweedle book cafe, as well as other friends who will be helping out just for fun:) It’s pretty exciting-we’ll still have the blind book dating-(℅ book bed), plus an acoustic performance by a group of teachers, spoken word, a few games, and it’s gonna be held in a wine cellar at platform 9 ¾!

What is the book you fell head over heels in love with?why?

Cris: Secret Letter from O to 10 by Susie Morgenstern. It's a children's book from France. I just fell in love with the characters! The simplicity of the descriptions and metaphors used in the story will surely tug at your heartstrings - just like a Jerry Spinelli novel.

Galvin: Mine would be scarlet letters from 0 to 10. It will always be a special book because it’s one of those books that my wife, Cris, “bullied” me into reading. (Just kidding:)) Though the story was pretty simple(no spoilers here), it came at a time when Cris and I were beginning to write our own story together. I guess there are books that just come to our lives at the right time:)  

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