Saturday, November 14, 2015

Filipino Friday #1: Five Ways Reading Has Changed My Life

How do you think has reading changed your life? Please share with us at most five significant ways that will show how reading has influenced your life. These could be in terms of personality, career, studies, and other parts of your life this influence has taken place.

Here are five significant ways that show how reading has influenced my life:

a. Reading has influenced me to write. After four picture books, a children's book series and a collection of Filipino Folk Tales published in the US, I continue to read and write.

b. Reading has influenced me to pursue Bibliotherapy. Books and stories are for healing as well as the development of one's well being. Literature, apart from using this as instructional tool, is meant to be enjoyed. There is much to be learned about one's self when reading. Self knowledge is precious.

c. Reading played a big role in my career choice. As a librarian, I get to spend my working days around books!

d. Reading inspired me to advocate for books and reading.

e. Reading pushed me to take Reading cognates in graduate school.

 Looking at my list, I think reading is something I will do until I can and able to.

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