Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Back in Bangkok for the Pre-CONSAL Workshop on School Library Development in the ASEAN

Faculty of Humanities, Srinakharinwirot University
Being in Bangkok once more fills me with nostalgia. The experience is like going full circle one more time. I was here back in 2003 for a three day workshop on School Library Services in the ASEAN. This workshop was an IFLA and UNESCO sponsored event. At the time, I was with Susan Torres, Hermie Salazar, Ma'am Lou David and Madame Elizabeth Peralejo. We were the small contingent representing the Philippines.

I have fond memories of that workshop. During fellowship night, we danced the tinikling and tried to sing together a folk song. It took us a while to decide what song to sing, not for the lack of songs but for the reason of song choice. Bahay Kubo? Leron Leron Sinta? Dahil Sa Iyo? Yes, we were that bad. Hahaha!

Our group also had the opportunity to watch a puppet show by a Thai puppetry group. The name of the group escapes me now as well as the place. The show, I remember it vividly. It was Rama and Sita! What made it memorable was the puppeteers performance. Puppeteers were on stage holding the puppets, like marionettes but with sticks. The puppeteers animate the puppets and they dance with the puppets. Three to four puppeteers held one big puppet and as a group, they move together as one. It was amazing!

My second time in Bangkok was as speaker in the TK Reading Conference. This was in 2012. For stories of my adventures in the TK Conference, click these links: visiting TK Parkmy plenary presentation on the Role of School Libraries and School Librarians in the Digital Agewhere the Five Principles of the ASEAN was discussed. On the last day of the conference, we had dinner in Cabbages and Condoms.

Dinner with Dr. Diljit Singh, IASL President and our very good fried. Beside me is Waldet Cueto, librarian of Rizal Library
And now, third time is the charm.

I will be presenting a status report on Philippine School Libraries. I have focused on highlights and sustainability measures that groups in the government and NGO people are tirelessly working on. I look forward to today's workshop. Yes, I promise to blog, to share and post photos. Like I usually do.

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