Thursday, February 12, 2015

On Blogging and Getting Income From It

I am sharing another email convo between myself, Tarie Sabido and Neni Sta. Romana Cruz on blogging. The context of the conversation came from Ms. Neni's Author Visit in a school where a middle grades student asked her these questions: How does one start blogging? How does one get income from blogging?

My replies:

How does one start from blogging?

There are easy to learn blogging web apps, no fees to pay, like Blogger and Wordpress. I learned by doing :). With new stuff cropping up online every now and then, I am still learning. Along the way, I met a group of Pinoy bloggers: Dean and Nikki Alfar; Von Totanes; Connie Veneracion who became my "role models". But what makes blogging fulfilling for me is the articulation of my purpose and goal. It gives me direction as well, on thinking, of themes and concepts to blog about. From there, I can organize and set my content for writing blog entries for a week or a month.

How does one earn from blogging?

Yes. There is such a thing as problogging, professional+blogging. I know some bloggers who attended workshops before they plunged into the money/entrepreneurial aspect of blogging. I also know many writers, PR officers, communication arts people, academicians, even librarians  who sideline as probloggers. But they know better to understand the rules of the game before going professional. Probloggers need to monitor their blog traffic regularly.

When I did freelance work for two years, I earn through blogging via adds and link exchanges. Nothing big. Just enough to pay my internet subscription at the time. I stopped when I was offered full time work. I think I earn from blogging but not through monetary gain. I get invited to library workshops and literacy talks by different organizations and they say they "discovered" me online.

I think blogging credibility and integrity is built over time. Maybe that student can be successful in her age group or demographic. My kids subscribe to blogs of online celebrities and you tube sensations. I do not know who these people are but my horizon expands when my kids tell me about them: a young Swedish you tube comedian specializing in black comedy and satire; Mikey Bustos' Pinoy tutorials; musicians from Korea... Ang dami!

I suppose blogs, and other online media are things we need to take a closer look at since our kids are engaged in them. Their thinking are also shaped in this environment. It is a good thing that, that student asked a question from a responsible adult. I respect my kids' and students' online experiences but I also want to be part of that world.

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