Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Book Selfie: #griffinsread Photo Contest 2014

Launched the #griffinsread Photo Contest in school yesterday.

I. Objective: to communicate and express one’s love for books and reading using social media and mobile apps

  1. Take a book selfie, or a photo of a book you are currently reading. That book should be a book borrowed from the BA Library.
  2. Caption the photo and send it to
  3. If your photo is selected, you earn 1 batch point for your batch.
  4. Selected book selfies will be printed out and posted on the lib’s bulletin board. Book selfies will also be posted on the school’s web page. It is the student’s option to post his or her book selfie onto Twitter or IG using #griffinsread / #booklove
  5. Teacher Librarian will ask permission from students whose photos are selected for posting onto her blog. This is to document the contest and share with other IB schools and libraries the reading and book promotion project of the Academy.
  6. Selected book selfies will be judged by a pool of respectable judges: two from the Academy and one from outside the community, possibly, a professional photographer.

II. Criteria for judging

  1. Artistic merit: composition, light and shade, balance, perspective

  1. Visual message and content:
    • Does your photo promote a positive image of books and reading?
    • Does your photo show a relationship between the reader, the book and the author?
    • Does your photo present a unique or “new” perspective on books and reading?

  1. Caption or text of the photo:
      Does the caption or text provide context and background about the book and
enriches the overall impact of the photo’s message?

III. Timeline
Nov. 25 - Announcement and beginning of contest
Dec. 15 - Last day of sending in entries
Dec. 16-17 - Judging days
Dec. 18 or 19- Announcement of winners

The library bulletin board where print outs of photos will be posted. I posted my book selfie as an example.

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