Friday, June 21, 2013

When Libraries Rock and Rule!

This summer, I helped organize a library-museum-bookstore trip for the faculty of our high school. It was a lot of leg work but it was worth the time and effort. Our first trip was to the Ateneo University Press and the Rizal Library.

Librarian Angie showing us how it's done.
The press is on sale till June 29 so do come and buy books! Needless to say, we had good buys and got big discounts. I bought for my own consumption this book by Dr. Michael Asis, I am Because We Are. This is a book I can share with my family as well as couple friends in the Magis Deo community.

In the afternoon, we headed to the Rizal Library. We were welcomed by Tommy dela Cruz, our librarian tour guide. He did the usual rounds of the library tour but it was the Microfilm collection that took our breath away. The ALIW office was just as impressive as they hold original documents of manuscripts, passports, diplomas, etc. of women writers who've inspired and influenced many young women, particularly, to pursue their own dreams. To me, it was the Jose Garcia Villa exhibit that made me giddy. Villa was a big part of my college years studying literature and English at PNU. It gave me goosebumps reading his comma poems in his own handwriting.

 Majority of the teachers in the group were first timers in Rizal Library. Now they have an idea where to go should our small collection in the school library could not meet their specific information needs. Thank you Rizal Library for coming up with user friendly visitor guidelines. We hope to come back despite the distance from where we live (we're southerners) because there's so much more to see and discover in "your" library!

Next week, we are off to the Asian Development Bank library and the Lopez Museum and Library in Ortigas. We've schedule another book trip to Fullybooked, the UP Press and the Filipinas Heritage Library. Vacations and summers are usually spent in beaches and far off island retreats. Museums and libraries are tour destinations too. Here's hoping that more libraries and museums grow and develop for cultural tourism!

Here we are at the pictorial site.


Nancy Cudis said...

In Cebu, we have a small Rizaliana Museum, which houses some artifacts of Dr. Rizal and his family. I'll put the Rizal Library on my to-go list the next time I get to Manila, or is it located in Metro Manila? Thanks for sharing.

//Nancy (

Zarah C. Gagatiga said...

Rizal Library is in the campus of the Ateneo De Manila University in Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Do visit!

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