Friday, May 17, 2013

Library Reading Programs for Summer

 Sharing the introduction of the library's summer reading list here. My staff and I are coming up with a booklet, five pages in all, that has fiction, non-fiction, ebook titles recommended for teachers, students and their parents. Included in the booklet is a feedback form asking readers to send in their book reviews in exchange of a reading reward when school resumes in August.

Apart from the recommended reads that the library will be releasing next week, there's also the Creativity Action Service activity that I'm spearheading for incoming Grade 12 students. I dubbed it as Summer Reading Circle. Here are the simple mechanics of the activity.

Summer Reading Circle: Participate and earn CAS points for Creativity
a. Incoming grade 12s borrow two books from the library over the long summer break.

b. Read the books and write a review. Reviews will be published in the school website, school newspaper or the library's blog. Well written reviews may be sent to a print or online magazine :-)

c. Reading Circle participants read the book reviews of their peers and post comments.

d. Librarian or teacher (volunteer) can conduct online discussions. Or, over the summer, meet up for face to face discussion.

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