Thursday, April 4, 2013

Looking for Andoy: Francin Cruz's Rendition for Ngumiti si Andoy

 The 2013 Alcala Prize winners have been announced! Congratulations to Dominc Agsaway for bagging first place! Honorable mention goes to Serj Bumatay III and Francin Cruz. Visit the PBBY website for the complete details of this year's Alcala awardees.

For the next three days, I'll post the winning illustrations of the three illustrators and provide annotations.

Let me begin by Francin Cruz's entry. She rendered an illustration of Andoy as very human by showing him with his father, a tailor by trade. She drew Andoy working in a printing press. This image fascinated me. Instead of the bolo or itak, Andoy is shown holding a quill, writing. Her last illustration is my favorite among the three. At the center is Andoy, selling abaniko and baston. We are familiar with this image. Our textbooks told us that Andoy peddled fans and walking canes. But, look at the mischievous glance Andoy has for the mestiza on his right. Typical teenager!

What thoughts Andoy had while writing on the poster?

Andoy with his father. I wonder what tales and stories his father weaved as the young Andoy listened.
See the look in Andoy's face. He had his eyes on the girl who just walked by. Selling fans and walking canes isn't that bad.

Congrats once more to Francin Cruz. I thank you for revealing to me a romantic side of the revolutionary hero!

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