Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Author of the Month: Michael Pinto

Author of the month is Mr. Michael Pinto, Filipino "male" librarian whose book, Layb Life: Mga Kwento at Karansan ng Isang Librarian hit the bookstores last year. In this interview he answers questions about writing, the profession in general and his publishing dreams for the future. Mr. Pinto hails from Cagayan, Tuguegarao.

a. What prompted or inspired you to write? Any back story on the book and your writing journey?

 At the age of 25, I became the Director of Libraries of our university and I know that this experience is one of a kind since only few can be in that position at an early stage of my career. Since my experience is one of a kind, I thought of writing my experiences being the head of the library, from the day-to-day experiences up to the things I observed during seminars and conferences. All of these prompted me to write the book. At first, writing articles was just a past time for me especially when I feel stressed in my work. Eventually, I did not noticed that I already have a handful of articles so I decided to publish it so that others can be inspired (I hope so). 

b. Other than being the youngest administrator of USL, what would you consider as the most remarkable thing that happened to you as a librarian?

I believe the most remarkable thing that happened to me is when I meet new people in the profession and in my work. In fact, I learned a lot from the people I meet. Other than that, I think other remarkable things that happened to me are: First, after 3 years of being the Director of Libraries, we were able to get the Outstanding Academic and research Library Award in 2010 by PAARL. Second, I became active member of PLAI and organized a library association in Cagayan, Kalinga and Apayao. Lastly, I was able to help a lot of people through the position I handle.

c. What are the challenges faced by a librarian writing about his/her profession?

First, that others might misinterpret what I am writing. Not everyone can appreciate what you are doing. Second, there are still traditional mind who don’t want to acknowledge new things.  Lastly, my bashers who always look for my mistakes. But I thank them because through them, I was able to write the book.

d. Do you have another book project? What is your dream book?

Yes I have. I am currently on the verge of writing another book. I hope to publish it before November of this year. As to my dream book, I want to write a book based on the outline of subjects in the BLIS Program. Maybe a textbook for BLIS subjects.

e. What are your favorite books? Who is your favorite writer?

I don’t have favorite book. I read if it interest me.
Favorite author: Og Mandino, Bob Ong       

f. If you were a book, what kind are you?

Satirical book 
g. Describe your writing process/creative process.
As I have said, I write when I’m stressed. I write during my leisure time and I only write if there is something that triggers me.

h. Any message to young aspiring librarians and librarians who wish to be published in the future?

Do not be afraid of writing, just write. Don’t mind your grammar, that’s the work of an editor. Write what you think can open the minds of your reader. Write what you love and love what you wite. That’s the secret.

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