Monday, March 18, 2013

Fan Girl Mode: With Fr. Manoling Francisco SJ

Over the weekend, I was up in Tagaytay for a retreat along with forty one members of the Magis Deo Community. This Annual Ignatian Retreat focused on the theme, Love Unto Death: the Passion and Death of Christ. Fr. Manoling Francisco SJ was our spiritual director. This is my second retreat by him.

He is, no doubt, a musical genius. In my first retreat by him, he composed a song impromptu using words, phrases and lines from the prayer we wrote to God. This was a retreat he gave for the Magis Deo Choir in 2011.

This time around, I discovered what a fantastic storyteller Fr. Manoling is! The Bible Exegesis he had was made more meaningful with real life stories of people who suffered but found virtue and grace in the process. Indeed, it was a life affirming retreat. Thank you, Fr. Manoling!

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