Monday, September 24, 2012

Library Link Lesson: Citing of Sources (MLA Style)

A simple library activity I whipped up for the Technology class of grade 10 to drum up the importance of citing sources in all research work and school related projects. This was done in coordination with the Tech teacher.

a. Send two articles on plagiarism cases for students to read over the weekend: one on Krip Yuson and the other on Sen. Tito Sotto.

The class will be divided in 2 groups. Group 1 will read the article on Krip Yuson while group 2 will read the recent article about Sen. Sotto.

b. Round table discussion in class the following meeting.

Prompt questions: What moves some people to plagiarize? How can plagiarism be avoided?

d. Online drill on citations using EasyBib, World Book Online Citation Maker and Word Document.

e. Manual citation practice using books, print magazines and journals.

f. Homework: Cite Right! - students will work on citation activities on varied formats of references.

For submission, and in the long run, shall become their Citation Brochure

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