Saturday, August 4, 2012

Museo Pambata's Mobile Library @ 17

At 1PM today, I'll be at the Museo Pambat to lend an inspirational message to Museo Pambata people who are part of the Mobile Library. The Mobile Library turned 17 years old last month. If not for the bad weather last 21 July, celebration would have pushed through. We wait for better weather, so today 4 August, is the  designated day. This event is a meaningful moment (for me) because my talk is a way for me to go back and give back to Museo Pambata.

Not many know this, but I actually started conducting writing workshops for children at Museo Pambata. It was at Museo Pambata where I joined the finals of the PBBY Storytelling Contest. Long before Salaysayan, PBBY had conducted contests on storytelling. I did not win, but I had a string of invites to tell stories after the Museo Pambata - PBBY gig. This was in the late 90's. Who would have thought I'd be part of PBBY? Who would have thought that I'd continue on telling stories and doing workshops.

Telling stories with the kids who attended the summer workshops @ Museo Pambata (late 90s).

For later, I will talk about the following: reading books and enjoying it makes a whole difference to a growing child; storytelling is a calling, a sharing of self; anyone is a storyteller; preparing for a storytelling.

Will blog more about the activity after! And yes, will post pictures!

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