Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Library Bulletin Board: Start of School

This is how the library bulletin board looks like at our school. There's a low sofa below it where students were seated at the time I took the photo thus, the big head room at the top.

Anyways, I wanted to drum up the idea of a library for all but with respect for everyone using the library, including the staff, of course. So the left frame says it all: The library is a shared space. Students are free to write on the thought bubbles.

The middle frame is a cloud tag of  the school community's principles, belief's and ethos.

The right frame has the library's motto: A learning community reads. A reading community learns. Featured for this month is a book review of one of the students in grade 12 on Dianne Wynn Jones' book, Howl's Moving Castle. It's a review that connects the book with the animated movie by Hayao Miyazaki. Every month, the library will post reviews and recommended reads from the community.

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