Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When Librarians Love (1 of 2)

February is winding down so, here's a last hurrah for the love month: some "love notes" from colleagues and friends in the profession.

Hi! Ms. Zarah! I'm Ms. Gay Reyes of PAREF Woodrose.

I just join your blog site hoping that I catch-up with the latest news, going-ons and ins in our world as librarian. I remembered the event sponsored by Scholastic & you were the speaker then. I learned so much from your topic & gained enthusiasm as well. I hope we can be friends because I believe you can help me sustain my passion to be of service, and gain so much ideas from you. I'll be so grateful to attend more of your conferences in the future.

See you!

From Mennie Ruth Viray of Collegio San Agustin, Makati

Hi Ms. Zarah!!:) Good Day!:)

It was nice to see you last Friday, it sure was a powerhouse especially with you and Ms. Candy as speakers. Darrel, Grace and I were wondering, what if Prof Portia was also there? nako...:) Just want to thank you for posting the Power Point presentation on your blog!:)

Thanks Gay Reyes and Mennie Ruth Viray! Your emails give me encouragement!

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