Monday, February 13, 2012

Challenge of the Year: Break the Stereotype (2 of 2)

Two posts from librarian friends made it to the blog last month in response to the Challenge of the Year: Break the Stereotype. Peachy Limpin and Ann Rosette Crelencia shared a piece of their mind on the topic. After two weeks of blogging hiatus, I resume by answering the questions I myself designed.

a. How do I feel about librarian stereotyping?

I feel challenged. This motivates me to continue giving my best as a school librarian.

b. Does this exist in my work place? If yes, in what forms? If no, why?
No. Lucky me, right? But I am saddened to hear and learn of its existence in many schools.

c. Why do librarian stereotypes exist?
My theory is, the advocacy on the relevance and importance of profession is pretty low.

d. How can librarians break stereotypes?
Librarians can break stereotypes by continuously learning and growing professionally. And this does not simply mean attending seminars and workshops.

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