Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Reading Librarian: Igor Cabbab

Librarians Read Series: Dean Igor Cabbab of the UP School of Library and Information Science. 

Please note that he made the list before his formal appointment as dean of the UP SLIS. Either way, congrats to the new post and more power to UP SLIS!

Oh, I wasn't much of a book reader way back then. I remember reading the following:

1. The Prophet by Khalil Gibran (library book, I really don't know why I picked up that book O_o;;)

2. Encyclopedia Brown, The Hardy Boys Series and The Nancy Drew Series (borrowed from cousins)

3. Complete Works of Shakespeare (around the house, my parents)

4. Mythology, Edith Hamilton and Age of Fable, Thomas Bulfinch (around the house, my parents)

5. Le Morte d' Arthur, Sir Thomas Malory (around the house, my parents, yeah, Dragonball Z even before Son Goku! Knight gets stronger during the day, weaker at sunset, three days of fighting nonstop. ^_^)

6. The komiks section of Liwayway (every week when I visit my aunt, Agua Bendita anyone?)

7. A ton of Komiks!!! (while tending my lola's store, hospital overnights, long bus rides... Wakasan, Funny Komiks, etc.)

8. DC comics 12-issue arc "Crisis on Infinite Earths" (loaned from my hs pals, hey, multiple universes and a seemingly invulnerable superhero like Supergirl dying f***s up one's childhood like no other)

9. TinTin and Asterix the Gaul comics (library books)

10. Elizabeth Barrett Browning poems: Sonnets from the Portuguese (around the house)

Oh, and a ton of Sweet Valley High and Sweet Dreams(?) paperbacks my sister leaves in the toilet for reading (ei, they're there, need to read something ^_^;;)

Come to think of it, this probably explains a lot why I am what I am today.

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