Tuesday, July 13, 2010

School Library Development at the Grassroots

Sambat Trust, a UK Charity, has been involved in the development of school libraries in Tanauan, Batangas. Since 2007, it has successfully set up four libraries in the following schools: Sambat Elementary School, Talaga Elementary School, Santor Elementary School and Banadero Elementary School. Its current project is the development of the Wawa Elementary school library.

Alongside the renovation of the physical library, its collection of books for instruction and pleasure reading is in the works. To start off, a good set of Filipiniana books is in review for acquisition. For its general collection, the UK based charity is partnering with Scholastic Philippines to further beef up the school library's book collection. As a prelimenary step to this endeavor, a reader's needs survey is being formulated for teachers and students, the primary users of the school library.

Insite these efforts, donations are welcome! Reply to this post if interested or send an email via zarah.gagatiga@gmail.com.

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