Saturday, May 23, 2009

CPE Hulabaloo

The updated CPE (Continuing Professional Education) Program for librarians was discussed and presented by Madame Susima Gonzales last May 11, 2009 at the PASLI (Philippine Association of Librarians Inc.) National Seminar in Teachers' Camp, Baguio City.

It caused quite a stir.

For one, the participants were a mix of teacher-librarians, librarians with license and those without. Two, there were a good number of school librarians present at the seminar who were newly graduates while a big chunk of the crowd belong to the senior category. Their reactions were a cacophony of questions, comments and reclaims.

I am sure that PASLI's intentions to have Madame Gonzales present the updated CPE were well meant. But no one could have prepared the listeners from the shock of hearing this news. The CPE program contains very high standards of competence, which, to me, is necessary for any licensed professional. There are so many issues and problems facing the Filipino school librarian today that to be burdened with 60 CPE units to complete in three years time is simply a needle on the camel's back.

The PLAI and the BFL (Board For Librarians), along with the associations of Filipino Librarians in the country MUST do a lot of "change-crisis management" in the way new paradigms are being presented to members of the profession to fully understand and appreciate the updated CPE.

I will post some suggestions in the near future on ways to ease up the tension caused by the new CPE Program. For now, I need to go to a radio station in Ortigas for a live interview. I will be live blogging the segment, so keep posted!

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Christine @ cpe credit said...

Great Post!

This line of work is usually about upgrading what we have learned. This makes me think that whenever a newly updated CPE Program will alert everyone that another study is needed to be learned.

Thanks for sharing!

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