Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Quest

For ordinary folks moving about in the Araneta Center at lunch this afternoon, it seemed like any ordinary Saturday. Without them knowing, three Filipino Librarians met after three years of being drawn asunder. For the untrained and the uninitiated, it would be difficult to see the sparks of light that these Filipino Librarians emit. These three have been blessed by the book spirits to go forth into the world and fulfill a mission. They each carry a talisman to light their way into the dark and bloody world populated by the evils of ignorance and prejudice.

Ok. I'll stop there before you start thinking that I'm going nuts.

Von and Peachy are both in town for the holidays. Peachy will fly back to Australia with her family tomorrow while Von will have an extended stay in Manila to finish his dissertation. Toronto has to wait.

The lunch date was peppered with stories of life overseas, anecdotes of work and the "hazards" of the profession. News in Philippine librarianship was shared a plenty and jokes went around in abundance. We split at 2pm and in between good byes, wishes of good luck for endeavors to continue and pursue were exchanged.

We all have our own quests to finish, thinking about it. As for myself, all I could say is that I am standing at the crossroads at the moment, discerning what to choose.

Quest or quiet?


Peachy said...

'LOL'...isa lang masasabi ko zarah, very poetic 'LOL'

ako na lang ang wala pang post hehe...coming soon!

i hope we had more time together but sabi mo nga we all have our quest at para sayo it spells "raket" 'LOL'

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

let's make time when you're in town. :-) kelan kaya yun?

Peachy said...

ah eh magbabayad muna kami ng ginastos dyan 'LOL'

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