Friday, November 7, 2008

Live Blogging: Xu Guang Qi Day 2008

It's the first day back to work. It's an easy day for everyone. Thoughts of work and lists of things to do are pushed aside for the meantime to focus on Xu Guang Qi Day activities.

Paul Xu Guang Qi is a scientist, scholar, mathematician and Jesuit Lay partner. In his memory, Xavier School commemorates his contributions to the mission through an in-service training program. And if it's organized by the IGNITE, trust that activities in the program are fun and funky.

A wide array of sessions on technology and instruction, Singapore Math and Lit Circles are offered to teachers. All faculty members signed up for two sessions of their choice. I signed up for the Promethean Board and Lit Circles.

Right now, Ms. Lopez is giving us a variety of ways to use the Promethean Board. It is an interactive board that bumps off the traditional blackboard from its eternal throne as the primary instructional tool in the classroom. Its interactive screen is plugged into a computer/laptop and an application software runs the different programs for instruction.

It's fascinating, really! It's like one big touch screen you see in malls.

The Promethean Board can be used in teaching Science, Math, Communication Arts, and other content areas. Like all technology used for instruction, the benefits and limitations of the Promethean Board must be learned to harness its power and manage its constraints.

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