Wednesday, October 22, 2008

If not a librarian

Then I could be

...a teacher in preschool. Or a primary grades teacher teaching Reading. It's funny when I think about it since I have a degree in Secondary Education. I should be teaching high school instead. Also, I have enough graduate school units to meet the requirement of a college instructor. But, that's life. It is filled with ironies.

...a writer of children's story and young adult literature. But that would mean having "deep pockets". At least, in the Philippine context and experience, one could not live by royalties alone. I have pockets. They are not deep though.

...a full time storyteller selling and doing "telling programs and performances" in varied schools. I could easily get a grant from UNESCO and travel the world. Yeah, right. educational consultant and trainor. I think I have enough workshop modules to train teachers and school librarians for their continuing professional education. But, this would mean legalizing and legitimizing the whole "gig".

...a full time housewife. Yup. But it would merely complicate things. And my life is already complicated enough.

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