Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Disturbed by Anonymous

If you're observant enough, you would notice that I have changed the comments feature of my blog posts. It's hidden now and for very good reason.

An hour ago I checked my email and found a comment by "Anonymous" on how I could easily win first place in the Filipino Blog of the Week Awards. Some sneaky suggestions. But what surprised me was "Anonymous'" revelation-- the gall of some bloggers to actually sneak a way into first place using the tip (as instructed by "Anonymous"). To protect the integrity of all concerned, I immediately changed the comments feature of my blog posts.

I'm finishing off what is left of my lunch break so my comprehensive post on the matter will have to wait.

To "Anonymous", thanks, but I have to choose what I think is RIGHT. I could not go around teaching my students about honesty and responsible use of online resources and IT only to break them in the end. Yes, "Anonymous", I try to play fair in a world that no longer believes in the good old values of long ago.

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