Friday, October 19, 2007

Storytelling for Parent Volunteers

Several weeks before Book Week celebration, the Early Education Department invites the GS LRC to give a Storytelling workshop-orientation for parent volunteers. Today, I facilitated the workshop to more or less 30 parents. These parents will tell stories to their son's class for thirty minutes in a given day during Book Week. Most of the parents are eager beavers who are gungho at it. There are also parents who are anxious at the mere thought of facing a room full of five year old boys.

The workshop is very simple, really, since most parent volunteers will be doing this for the first time. I give them the basic, sort of a Storytelling 101. The read aloud technique is very popular and the most easy so I provide them with other ways of telling stories. See the picture of a beagle at the right side? It's the product of a story kniffing technique. One can tell stories while drawing lines, shapes and squiggles. It's fun! Even the parents are at awe. In years past parents would turn out in their best form. I'm excited at how these batch of parents will stand and deliver.

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