Friday, October 12, 2007

Books & Idols

The GS LRC has been busy the past few months with its regular programs and services. With PAASCU accreditation hovering a good distance and time away, work is already pouring in buckets. Nevertheless, it takes time to advocate and campaign for the utility of books and the genuine love for reading.

Boys Don’t Cry, But They Read

Is reading a passive activity? Is reading only for girls? Think again.

Reading may involve minimal physical movement, but it activates and shapes the mind to think creatively and critically beyond the written text. As opposed to conventional wisdom, reading is enjoyed not only by girls but by boys as well.

For the past three months since the conception of the Reading Idol, a reading campaign for books and reading, the GS LRC has featured male faculty members as avid readers. GS Asst. Principal for Unit 3, Dr. Jojo Ng and CLE teacher, Mr. Edwin Pangantijon proved that boys do read. Hopefully, their modeling of the reading habit is one practice that grade school boys can carry on until their high school and college years.

Mr. Pangantijon was the Reading Idol for the month of August. He shares with the boys his stance on reading – that no matter how busy a person can be, one has to find the time read in order to live a full life. The following month, it was Dr. Jojo Ng who graced the “hall of idols” in the Reading Area of the GS LRC. He extends the reading habit to his seven-year old son, Sage. They read together and enjoy the visual metaphors of graphic novels. As an advocate of marine life, scuba diving and care for the environment, Dr. Ng’s bible is the book, Philippine Coral Reefs by Scott D. Tuason.

Who could be the next reading idol? Now that is something to watch out for!

Abuzz about Books

Oh yes, to talk about books is such a pleasurable activity!

Last October 9, 2007, the GS LRC offered a book talk session for our Grade School Middle Level Administrators (MLA). GS Librarians picked books from the Teachers' Collection that were deemed appropriate for the busy MLA. These books are new titles purchased last year and early this school year. It was Mr. Oyet Concepcion, GS Librarian who did a fine job at presenting the18 titles of new books. These fall under three topics - Classroom Management, Assessment & Evaluation, Educational Management & Leadership.

The Book Talk session is one way to encourage teachers and staff to borrow from the GS LRC. It is also a strategy to showcase the professional expertise of librarians – that, apart form the routine tasks that they do, they have the product knowledge necessary in recommending resources for instruction and professional enrichment. The GS LRC is open for invitations from department coordinators to conduct book talk sessions. Aside from books, librarians can share new resources in AV and online formats.

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