Thursday, April 26, 2007

Integrating ICT & Reading Comprehension

Below is the abstract for the professional paper that I will be presenting in the Reading Association of the Philippines (RAP) Annual Summer Convention at St. Paul Quezon City. It will be tomorrow, April 27, 2007. The convention will run for two days and the program promises to be an enriching and engaging convention. With Manilyn Reynes as special guest and Nani Cruz of the TNL, it's one convention that combines education and entertainment in a most effective fashion.

With the advent of new technology and its drawing power on children and teens, more and more, schools are investing on gadgets and electronic learning resources that enrich and enhance instruction. Teachers undergo training on the utility of computer software and hardware. The appropriate infrastructure and manpower are also being provided for technical support. Although traditional learning tools can still be trusted upon to help in the delivery of instruction, experiments and initiatives on technology integration are being implemented by teachers in basic education.

This paper discuss the importance of well thought of activities and strategies that integrate technology in the content area classroom. Issues and concerns pertaining to the use of technology are also explored to see relevant factors that may affect the success or failure of such integration. The focus, however, is mainly on web enhanced teaching strategies that lead to a better understanding of concepts and skills taught.

The IRA’s Position Paper on Technology Integration and the NETS Technology Standards are presented as guide to aid teachers in the planning and implementation of such strategies. Actual projects and class activities are identified to show concrete examples of web enhanced teaching strategies. A directory and bibliography of resources are included to further inspire and motivate the classroom teacher in using the Internet as a valuable instructional material in the content areas.

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