Friday, April 27, 2007

From Words to Worlds

The first day of the RAP Annual Summer Convention is over. These are my highlights:

1. I met old friends from the teaching industry.

2. I met new ones, too.

3. I saw Teacher Portia Padilla's students perform a storytelling gig. It is to me, very special because, I gave them a workshop on Storytelling last November during my lean months.

4. Barbara Walker's and Dr. Nemah Hermosa's plenaries. Reading Comprehension is proces; active conversation; and community. Reading Literacy has a changing face, a changing idfentity. Therefore, reading teachers must be able change paradigms too.

5. I had a SRO for my presentation on ICT integration. But the room was so hot I was profusely sweating.

More plenaries and concurrent sessions tomorrow!

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